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Regifting Revival!
A Guide To Reusing Gifts Graciously!
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Illustration Jodi Closet

Art by Dee Densmore-D’Amico

A Gift Giver’s Guide to Gracious Regifting;
Or How to Give What You Have Received
(A Synopsis)

author jodi“Regifting Revival! How To Reuse Gifts Graciously” is a definitive “how-to” guide written (by me!) to educate others all about regifting (which technically means: giving someone a gift that was one that you have already gotten). But not “just” regifting--- “Gracious Regifting”, which takes regular re-gifting to a new level of relevance. As a result of reading this book, Regifting will become revolutionized! It will no longer be thought of as tacky and cheap, and only as a way for ignorant gift givers to get away with taking their own tasteless gifts and giving them again to someone else. All of that is about to change.

With all of the world worried about global warming, along with the critical need to re-use and re-cycle as many of our resources as we can, there is now a real reason for “Re-Gifting” to be resurrected once again as a wonderful and responsible way to wage the war against the waste of unwanted gifts!

The book explains what really happened to regifting, and how it came to be considered so crass. It lists all of the reasons, and answers the crucial questions: “Why do people regift?”, “Who really regifts?”, “When do people resort to regifting?”, “What do people tend to regift?”, and perhaps most importantly, “How the heck do you graciously regift??” My book details the differences between the 22 types of re-giftable items, and all of the ways in which to graciously regift them, while always being mindful of the “#1 Rule of Re-Gifting”: Almost any gift can be regifted, but not all gifts can be regifted in just any way!”

It also includes gift giving and gift getting guidelines, a comprehensive quiz, tips and tools for talking up--and about “gracious regifting”, and some storage strategies, as well as what else you can do with all your stuff. There are even “regift receipts”, and “gift logs” to help you track your regiftable gifts. (We don’t want you to go and ruin your gracious regifting reputation by breaking any of the “Regifting Rules”)

What kind of a “regifter” are you really, anyway? We recognize and clarify the 5 “regifter types”. In this book you will find all of the information that you always wanted to know—and so much more (but maybe were afraid to ask…)-- about “Regifting”, and how almost anyone can become a “Gracious Regifter”. You will learn and understand why it is becoming especially crucial at this time of economic crisis to bring real regifting out of the “Regift Closet”, once and for all—and for all mankind! “Gracious Regifting” can really be rewarding and so spiritually uplifting! I live by my mottos:

“Gracious Regifting”—let someone else open it again for the first time!
Gracious Regifting is the #1 way to recycle unwanted gift waste!

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